HQN Winter 2018 Quarterly Digest

Welcome to HQN’s Winter 2018 Quarterly Digest – a terrific resource featuring the best of the briefings, reports, blogs and more our networks have produced in the previous quarter.

As you can see, there’s been a huge amount of material published in the last few months – and it’s really only the brief peak at our networks’ total output.

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In May, we hosted a health and housing conference designed to highlight the potential contribution of the social housing sector to solving the crisis in primary health care. In response to this event, HCS was inspired to produce a series of research papers to more widely publicise the issues discussed.

Covering a whole host of topics relating to the ever increasing need for further collaboration between housing and healthcare, these papers have been made available for members to download for free, but only for a limited time.

You have until Monday 31 December 2018 to view these documents, so make sure you take the chance to read up on this crucial issue.

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The Housing Quality NetworkHQNthing.jpg

The Social Housing Green-Paper: Consultation questions

Network Briefing: Housing homelessness and mental health

Network Briefing: Brexit and housing

Housing Quality Network CymruCymru thing.jpg

Network Briefing: Housing associations and heath and safety

Cymru Blog: The price of tenant safety is eternal vigilance

Cymru Blog: Plugging the accountability gap

Cymru Blog: The heart of the matter

Rent Income Excellence Networkrent thing.jpg

What’s in the Autumn Budget 2018 for housing providers and their tenants

October 2018 HB and welfare reform newsletter

Rent Income Excellence Network Annual Conference 2018 slides

The Strategic Networkstrat thing.jpg

Rural Housing Toolkit

Blog: Making council housebuilding great again

Briefing: At a glance guide on the status of proposed national policies

The Residents’ Networkres thing.jpg

Report: Are league tables the right answer?

Blog: Educated guesses on green paper outcomes

Answers, please: The top five social housing green paper questions

Review: The Residents’ Network annual conference 2018

Housing Finance Networkfinance thing.jpg

Blog: Sector risk profile 2018

Network Briefing: RSH’s Value for Money – Summary report 2018

The Leasehold Network

Leasehold enfranchisement: A brief overview

s20 Leaseholders and RTAs Toolkit

SAFETYnetsafety thing.jpg

Legionella Toolkit

Managing compliance 

Asset Management Network (TEAMnet)asset thing.jpg

Asset Management Strategy Toolkit

Blog: Asset Management Network annual conference 2018

Equality and Diversity Networkequal thing.jpg

Briefing: Disabled people and housing

Blog: The future of the DFG

Blog: Equality diversity and inclusion – let’s make it discussable

Housing Management Networkmgmt thing

Estate services club presentation – London October 2018

Blog: Tackling hoarding

Blog: Safeguarding