HQN Summer 2019 Quarterly Digest

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Welcome to HQN’s Summer 2019 Quarterly Digest – a terrific resource featuring a selection of the briefings, reports, blogs and more our networks have produced in the previous quarter.

As you can see, there’s been a huge amount of material published in the last few months – and it’s really only the briefest peak at our networks’ total output.


The Housing Quality NetworkHQNthing.jpg

Colin Wiles Blog: Johnson on housing

The HQN Climate Change Survey

Building a safer future: The return of housing management

Five toffs, target 2050, AI and bring back the TSA

The Regulator of Social Housing’s new consumer regulation review

Rent Income Excellence Networkrent thing.jpg

Welfare reform and policy update

The free for members RIEN Regional Excellence Groups took place in July. The notes from the London group can be found here.

whg case study: Mitigating the impact of welfare reforms


The Strategic Networkstrat thing.jpg

Selective licensing government review summary

At a glance guide on the status of proposed national policies

The Residents’ Networkres thing.jpg

Cultures Wars by Rob Gershon

HQN Residents’ Network Networking Group summary

Housing Finance Networkfinance thing.jpg

The HQN housing association finance timeline


The Leasehold Networkln

Leasehold Technical Talk – June’19: Grenfell two years on

Further guidance – public funding for cladding works

Leasehold Technical Talk – July 2019: House sales in Wales

Ask the members – major works billing policy

Asset Management Network (TEAMnet)asset thing.jpg

Households pumping out 25 of emissions


Equality and Diversity Networkequal thing.jpg

Diversity and Diversion

The Equality and Diversity Network runs regional best practice groups. These members-only events provide attendees with the chance to network and share best practice while discussing a topical issue. The next meetings are:

11 September 2019 | Wandle Housing Association, London

17 September 2019 | Endeavor House, Solihull

Housing Management Networkmgmt thing

ASB review prompts new approach

The network has a safeguarding best practice group coming up at Sovereign in Newbury on 11 September. Click here to book.

Members of the Asset Management and Housing Management Networks get exclusive access to the Estates Services Club.

Estate services: Tree management


The Health and Safety Network

We’ve recently held best practice groups at L&Q in London and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands. The next dates are:

L&Q, London, 5 September

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, West Midlands, 5 September

Believe Housing, Peterlee, County Durham, 10 September