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Early September 2019

Gender pay gap reporting: could diversity, equality and digital maturity go hand in hand?

With better reporting comes better visibility into what’s working and what isn’t with charity culture – a crucial first step for a charity sector looking to identify and tackle inclusion issues in the workforce.

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The ‘paradox’ of working in the world’s most equal countries

Even Europe’s most egalitarian countries struggle to put women on an even footing at work. In the Nordics, why do women still lag behind men in pay, management and company ownership?

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Citizens Advice ‘too slow to make progress on diversity’, says chief executive

The charity opened an investigation after a piece of its training guidance was criticised on social media for being ‘horribly racist.’

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Labour told it may be ‘going backwards on equality’

Criticism follows decision not to replace certain departing female MPs with all-women shortlists.

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Research project launched to tackle domestic abuse ‘justice gap’

The report draws on data collected by the University of Bristol on the experiences of homeowners and private renters.

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Late August 2019

Man cleared over burning Grenfell effigy film

Prosecutors claimed footage recorded by Paul Bussetti at a London party was racist but the 47-year-old said it was a “joke” only shared between friends. He was found not guilty after it was revealed a second video from the party had also been shared on WhatsApp.

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Xenophobic bullying souring lives of eastern European pupils in UK

Study finds children in England and Scotland experiencing rising prejudice since Brexit vote.

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Equalities watchdog reveals ten social landlords that filed gender pay reports ‘late’

Ten social housing landlords were recorded as publishing their gender pay gap reports late to the government in the past two years, according to the watchdog that enforces compliance with the regulations.

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Inappropriate housing causing disabled ‘physical and mental harm’

Study examines effectiveness of allocations and lettings practice for accessible and adapted social housing in Scotland.

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Citizens Advice training document ‘propagated racist stereotypes’

The training document listed “common traits” allegedly found within BAME communities, including a distrust of British authorities, evidence of gender bias and discrimination, early marriage and large families, low levels of literacy, and a cultural focus on honour and shame.

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Obsession with white working class fuels inequality in north, study warns

Politicians neglect minorities’ needs due to focus on ‘mystical’ demographic, report says.

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