Government to miss 2020 housing target


You’ll never guess what: the government is likely to miss its 2020 housing targets. Who would’ve imagined such a thing?

According to the National Audit Office (NAO), the current regime’s aims will probably be missed by at least five years because the sale of public land won’t have released enough space to meet even half of the target of 160,000 homes.

The NAO’s report shows that space for only 65,000 homes is likely to be available by 2020, with the full 160,000 only achievable after 2025.

Would you believe that the government had ‘no supporting documentation or economic evidence’ when it set its target in 2016 and that it is yet to publish ‘any information on new homes built’?

Meg Hillier MP, chairwoman of Westminster’s Public Accounts Committee, isn’t best pleased about the revelations. She said: ‘Not only is its programme highly unlikely to meet its target by 2020, it is also unable to provide basic information about the number of affordable homes, and homes for key workers, being built.

‘It is also unacceptable that the government does not have a national picture of where the proceeds from the land sales have gone.’


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