Large Energy Performance Certificate rise in England and Wales


I’ve got the last quarter’s domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) figures – but I’m not going to tell you what they are.

Only joking! Between January and March this year, an impressive 396,000 EPCs were lodged in Wales and England  – 85% (337,000) of which were for the sale and letting of existing dwellings, an increase of 36% on the same quarter last year.

Valid for 10 years, EPCs were introduced ‘using a phased approach,’ or so this government release says, with ‘the requirement fully implemented for domestic properties by autumn 2008’.

The government speculates that the large increase in numbers ‘may reflect EPCs issued before 2009 being renewed when a dwelling was let or sold in 2019’.

Anyhow, 15% (60,000) of the quarter’s certificates were for new builds and conversions – up 13% on 2018’s first quarter.

In summary, in the year ending March 2019:

253,000 EPCs were lodged for new build dwellings and conversions, up 13% on the previous year and the largest annual total for new properties since 2008 when records began.

Most EPCs (245,000, up 13% on the previous year) were for new builds and conversions in England (probably because it’s bigger and has more houses and people in it), with the remaining 8,500 (up 7%) were lodged in Wales (probably because it’s smaller and has less people and houses in it).

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