HAs’ merger to create 38,000-home RP

New Homes

Two housing associations are keen to merge, it has emerged.

Yarlington and Radian own an impressive 38,000 homes between them across England – and now their respective boards have decided a joining of forces is the best way forward.

Radian’s CEO, Gary Orr, said: ‘We’re excited by the potential of this partnership, and with the increased scale and reach it could give us the capacity to do so much more.

‘We want to create an organisation that is ready for the future, is a major contributor to addressing the housing needs of southern and south west England, and together we can continue to provide a fantastic experience for our customers and communities.’

According to the two registered providers, they’re currently exploring ways they can jointly develop their digital services, improving the lives of their many residents.

Caroline Moore, Yarlington’s managing director, said: ‘Our aim for the new organisation is to be a fantastic place for people to work, to develop and to progress careers.

‘The colleague experience is a key part of our future vision.

‘Working together, a new organisation would also be able to achieve more for its customers and towards helping to solve the housing crisis than either could do alone.’

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