Brexit, Halloween, Grenfell: Latest HQN magazine issue out now


The latest edition of HQN’s The Governor magazine is now available online! (And also in print – the old-fashioned, slower, more papery version of online.)

And now I’m going to tell you about some of the things that are in it:

Tiptop journalist Jules Birch has a tremendous feature in which he examines the Halloween Brexit implications for the social housing sector (and some of it is quite scary).

There’s an eight-page edition of HQN’s Evidence journal, featuring topical housing research and analysis from leading academics.

Colin Wiles looks at the links between stigma and the way social housing is planned, designed and built.

And of course, HQN CEO Alistair McIntosh’s inimitable voice can be found is in the house, too. Here’s a taste:

It’s getting on for two years since the fire. How should we mark it in the right way? What about this idea as part of it?

Every day we read of shoddy new builds and of poor doors, tenant’s children not being allowed in play grounds while their mums and dads are banned from the gym. At the same time associations want more grant to shore up their business plans as sales of homes have dried up.

Of course the associations need help to build. So give them the cash. But with strings. Any new homes paid for with grant should be safe, well finished and with no segregation whatsoever. This should be checked carefully before the money is paid out.

I’m not kidding myself that this is the whole of the answer. But it’s a start. So far all we have had is warm words. Use grant to halt stigma in its tracks now.

Read the new issue by clicking any of this bit!

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