New today: Online package to tackle rogue landlords


The private rented sector (PRS) is going to be reformed ‘for the better’ the government reckons, and has announced a new package of online support to help councils tackle dodgy landlords.

This very day, the government has published two new guidance documents – one for local authority enforcement practitioners, one for tenants and landlords – that it says ‘signals the latest step’ in its crack down on the ‘small minority of criminal landlords who exploit tenants for their own gains’.

And what does this new support consist of? Well, it includes ‘an easy to navigate digital enforcement package with online learning modules for those officers who were unable to attend the national programme’.

Meanwhile, ‘the guide for tenants and landlords brings together the rights and responsibilities of each, provides links to in depth guidance on legislation and complements previous steps by the government to support those in the private rented sector, including through the How to let and How to rent guides’.

Housing Minister Heather Wheeler MP said: ‘This package of support for those working on the frontline of the private rented sector will ensure they are fully equipped to make use of any new powers which can improve the lives of tenants trapped in poor quality accommodation.

‘This, along with our further guidance for tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities, builds on the ongoing work which sets out to make renting fairer and more accessible for all whilst also ensuring that everyone has a home which is safe and secure.’

Why not have a look at these publications for yourself – they’re right here.

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