£1m for homeless veterans

Top view of Homeless man with money tin begging for money

The government has come up with a whole £1 million to support homeless veterans.

Announced today by communities secretary James Brokenshire, who has been doing loads of announcing recently, the cash will ‘help ensure those who have served their country have a roof over their heads and have the support they need once leaving the Armed Forces’.

The £1m is to be distributed among the ‘ten combined authorities and the Greater London Authority who will be able to use the funding to provide veterans with the bespoke support they need as they navigate civilian life’.

MP Brokenshire said: ‘Our veterans play a vital role in keeping our country safe and many have dedicated their lives to the services. For those who fall on hard times and end up on the street, it is only right that we give them all the support they need to put a roof over their head.’

Gaffe-haunted defence secretary Gavin Williamson also chimed in: ‘The vast majority of those leaving the Armed Forces go on to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives, but it’s right that we support those who struggle.

‘One veteran on the street is one too many and I welcome today’s announcement on funding to address homelessness and rough sleeping.’

Anyway, here’s the government’s press release in its full glory. 

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