‘Help to buy’ housebuilder leaves home with 700 faults


A housebuilder managed to complete a home with 700 faults, the property’s unlucky buyers have revealed.

Within days of moving into their newly-built £280,000 ‘dream home’ in Kippax, West Yorkshire, Nicola and Phil Bentley began to uncover a shocking amount of faults left behind by developer, and Help to Buy beneficiary, Persimmon.

According to the couple, they immediately reported the issues but, 10 months on, and despite complaining weekly, the housebuilder has only addressed 10% of them.

And what a list of horrors the unlucky Bentleys discovered – view this absolutely absurd gallery of incompetence and unacceptability.

Nicola said: ‘We are living in a building site, we haven’t been able to put any photos up on the walls and there is just a TV and sofa in the living room.

‘We don’t like to wallow in self-pity but this has dragged us down so much, it has nearly broken us as a family. It’s been horrendous and the worst year of our lives. We wish we had never done it.

‘This is our life savings, we have put everything into the house. I thought we had a dream home but it’s turned into a nightmare from hell.’

Interestingly, though the Bentley’s were shown around a show home, they claim the developer wouldn’t allow them to inspect the actual  property they bought, being told that it was ‘against Persimmon policy’.

However, there is some good news, for Persimmon anyway: the firm’s pre-tax profits rose 13% to £1.091 billion last year.

It developed 16,449 homes in 2018 – of which 7,970, were sold to people using the Help to Buy scheme! The system works! But maybe not for much longer: housing minister James Brokenshire is currently reviewing Persimmon’s participation in the scheme, so watch this space.


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