Government backs public sector land development jobs and homes scheme


The government has announced that it is backing plans to create new jobs and homes (which I’m pretty sure is supposed to be a given?).

According to this press release, development of public sector land ‘could see more than 10,000 new homes built across England and 14,000 new jobs created by 2024/25’ – and a £15 million project has been brought forward to realise the vision.

Launched in 2013, the One Public Estate programme ‘encourages the emergency services, local councils and government departments to work more closely together by sharing sites’.

Apparently, the programme has ‘saved taxpayers £24 million in running costs, created 5,745 new jobs and released land for the development of 3,336 new homes’. Sounds good.

In the latest round, the programme will deliver cash and support to more than 100 local public-sector partnerships across England.

Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation, said: ‘Getting the best use out of publicly-owned land can help to regenerate our towns and cities and give people improved access to the services they need.

‘This programme shows that when government works smarter, with public authorities coming together, taxpayers get better value for money, new jobs are created and space is freed-up for vitally needed new homes.’

Now, would you like some examples of where the programme’s latest funding is going? Of course you would:

  • £680,000 for projects in Waltham Forest, including proposals to bring forward the redevelopment of the 100-year-old Whipps Cross Hospital and sites in public and private ownership for housing development in the Forest Road Corridor
  • £505,000 for projects in Devon and Torbay, including the regeneration of land around St David’s station in Exeter
  • £405,000 for projects in Northamptonshire, including plans to release land around Kettering railway station for the development of new houses and station improvements
  • £410,000 for projects in Worcestershire, including delivering new housing and regeneration around Redditch station, as part of the Rail Quarter development

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