Brexit: RSH writes to housing sector as deadline day approaches

Retro alarm EU clock representing the countdown until Brexit.

If you haven’t noticed, things are becoming quite fraught in Brexit Land – and now the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has written to every registered provider to make sure they are clear about the ‘expectations of them during this period of uncertainty’.

With only 43 days to go before something as yet unknown happens, the letter urges RPs ‘to share examples of what providers should consider when stress testing their businesses’ before reminding them of the regulatory expectations:

  • Have in place an appropriate, robust and prudent business planning, risk and control framework
  • Carry out detailed and robust stress testing against identified risks and combinations of risks across a range of scenarios, and put appropriate mitigation strategies in place as a result

You can read the whole letter here.

The RSH goes on to say that, in the ‘current context’ (which is a longer way of saying ‘Brexit’) RPs are expected to have ‘identified the risks to which their businesses would be exposed; stress tested their business plans to reflect these; and identified specific, deliverable and timely mitigations, to ensure viability is maintained and tenants and social housing assets are protected’.

So, things are becoming rather crucial. As luck would have it, here at HQN Towers we have created a Preparing for Brexit event that addresses this very issue.

The CPD-accredited event, which has been designed specifically to help those in the sector respond, identify gaps and plan beyond 29 March, regardless of the outcome, will deliver a fully immersive ‘what if?’ scenario, throwing housing professionals into a post-Brexit world and posing all sorts of challenges to find out if they will sink or swim.

Preparing for Brexit will focus on supply chain impact; business continuity preparations; and action planning for your organisation.

Because Brexit’s happening everywhere, we’re holding the event in Birmingham and Manchester, so click either of those links to book.

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