Government finds £9 million to build 200,000 garden town homes


The government that’s just about still running the UK has announced a £9 million package to put towards the construction of 200,000 homes in new market towns.

According to this press release, the more medicinal-sounding than financial ‘cash injection’ will ‘speedup the locally led building of new garden towns and villages across the country’.

The government believes the Garden Communities project will deliver 200,000 homes by 2050, with the latest funding going towards the preparation of 21 sites.

Housing minister Kit Malthouse had this to say: ‘We have not built enough homes in this country for the last three decades, and we are turning that around as we work towards our target to build 300,000 properties a year by the mid-2020s.

‘This £9 million funding boost is giving councils the support and cash injection they need so they can finish planning new developments and get diggers on site.’

Would you like a list of how the money’s being split up, number of units, location etc? Well, you’re in luck:

Place/Capacity award/ Homes
Aylesbury £420,000 15,000
Basingstoke £695,000 10,000
Bicester £770,000 13,000
Harlow & Gilston £715,000 24,000
North Essex (Colchester, Tendring & Braintree) £1,000,000 43,000
North Northants (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough) £725,000 33,000
Otterpool Park, Folkestone £1,250,000 10,000
Taunton £550,000 15,000
Bailrigg £100,000 3,500
Culm, Mid Devon £300,000 5,000
Dunton Hills £100,000 3,500
Halsnead £300,000 1,589
Handforth £150,000 1,650
Infinity, Derbyshire £150,000 3,200
Longmarston £300,000 3,500
Longcross £125,000 1,700
West Oxfordshire £150,000 2,200
Tresham £300,000 1,500
Welbourne £300,000 6,000
West Carclaze £300,000 1,500
St Cuthbert’s, Carlisle £300,000 10,000

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