Housebuilding down in 2018

Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction siteLondon and the Midlands experienced a sharp drop in housebuilding last year, new figures reveal.

According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), the amount of new homes registered in the capital tumbled by 10% in 2018, as uncertainties around Brexit continue.

The country as a whole saw a slight drop, too, with output down 0.5% last year (159,617 new homes compared with 160,396 in 2017).


However, Brexit fans take note: output was up 39% in Northern Ireland; 20% in Yorkshire & Humberside; and the north-west 7%.

Steve Wood, NHBC CEO, said: ‘The full–year figures of nearly 160,000 new home registrations demonstrate the resilience of the UK house-building industry.

‘2018 has been a demanding year, with the extreme weather conditions in the early part and the continuing political and economic uncertainties, which are extending into 2019.

‘Whatever the environment, NHBC will continue to support housebuilders to deliver the high-quality, new homes that the country needs.’

Here’s NHBC’s full press release. 

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