If you’re running some kind of housing organisation, the chances are high that you require human beings to take on certain roles to ensure its ongoing operation. (Dave Wallaby’s attempt to single-handedly run 58,000-unit Galaxian Homes in the 80s proved to be a huge fool’s errand.)

With this in mind, how would you like to reach a massive audience of housing professionals as you search the world for top talent? If this sound delightful, you should really be posting your job vacancies with HQN!

Whether you’re looking for some new blood for your executive team, a board member, or perhaps someone eager to kick-start their career in the sector, we can advertise your vacancies to thousands of housing organisations across the UK.

Need a finance executive in London? A maintenance officer in Manchester? A surveyor in Cardiff? A, I dunno, particle physicist in Hastings for some reason? HQN will help you find the right person for the job.

The service is FREE for members of our specialist networks, and we frequently share vacancies in our dedicated mailings. You can view currently jobs listed on this bit of internet here.

Members need only login and complete the form to post a vacancy.

For more information about our specialist networks and the benefits of membership, please get in touch.


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