£2 million to fight rogue landlords


Over 50 local authorities across England are to receive funds to help tackle ‘landlords who make tenants’ lives a misery’, the government has said.

Announced by housing minister Heather Wheeler yesterday, the councils will each take a share of a £2.4 million pot which the government says should be used to boost short-term staffing and create new digital tools.

Using my trusty calculator, I find that £2.4m divided by 50 equals £48,000 per council which doesn’t seem like a huge amount to fight rogue landlords with, especially when it’s actually being spread among an ambiguous ‘over 50’ councils.

Anyway, minister Wheeler said: ‘Everyone has the right to live in a home that is safe and secure, and it is vital we crack down on the small minority of landlords who are not giving their tenants this security.

‘This extra funding will further boost councils’ ability to root out rogue landlords and ensure that poor-quality homes in the area are improved, making the housing market fairer for everyone.’

Here are some examples of where the funding’s going:

  • Walsall – to improve cross-agency enforcement work, including the innovative use of drones and thermal mapping to identify problem properties
  • Lancaster – to create a training programme for existing enforcement staff across the Lancashire region
  • Greater London Authority (GLA) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) – allocated over £330,000 between them to carry out coordinated work to tackle rogue landlords who operate across multiple local authorities in their regions

If you’re interested, the whole press release can be found here.

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