Ex-military personnel to get social housing priority, proposal


Social houses are to be prioritised for ex-service personnel suffering with PTSD, so the government says.

Published for consultation today by communities secretary James Brokenshire, the plans also propose helping people who separate from their partners in the Armed Forces by exempting them from rules requiring them to be a local resident before being given a property.

According to the government, though most military personnel transition successfully into civilian life a system overhaul will see social housing applicants asked if they have served in the military from the outset, thus ensuring ‘veterans get the help they are entitled to’.

Additionally, council staff will be given training to make sure ex-service men and women get ‘the housing support they need’.

Under the proposals, those suffering with PTSD and other mental illnesses ‘could be treated in the same way as those with physical injuries, and get the priority they deserve’.

MP Brokenshire MP said: ‘We have a duty to ensure our heroic military personnel get the support they need when applying for a social home.

‘We want to see that applying for social property should not be a challenge in the transition from military service to civilian life.

‘These new measures are part of our continuing commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.’

Click here to read the whole press release which includes a link to the eight-week consultation, though when I tried clicking it didn’t work.



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