Practical Magic – Tech State of the Nation: Survey Results In!

During the summer, we ran our very first Practical Magic conference. We wanted to provide an opportunity for practitioners and technologists to come together and explore tech solutions that currently exist in the marketplace – and that would provide practical, on the ground improvements for the housing sector.

No more blue sky thinking – much more blue sky doing. Unlike a traditional conference where the delegates are passive participants, we wanted to create an environment with healthy debate, discussion and challenge.

We asked our Practical Magic delegates about the biggest challenges they were facing, and, although there were no single big issues, the top four were, unsurprisingly: more mobile and agile working; understanding what was out there; implementing a new major system; and getting the right organisational culture.

graph 1

We wanted to know about the good, the bad and the ugly concerning our housing tech systems and suppliers.  It was clear that one organisation’s panacea was another’s apocalypse! There is certainly very little in the middle. In general, though, our core housing systems are not the tech giving us the most inspiration: smartphones, tablets and mobile apps are still the place we look for that.



So, what does the future hold? Over a third of our respondents said they simply were not sure what tech they were missing out on. Then again, there was no clear consensus of a single ‘must have’ new technology, although smart homes, smart cars and generally smarter systems were the key themes.


Our next Practical Magic event is running on 24 January in London. Among the many suppliers in attendance will be Amazon Web Services, who will have a very special announcement to make for our members which you will not want to miss.

To book your place, click any of this sentence. (Tickets are going extremely quickly!)

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