It’s a Kind of Practical Magic: Tapping into today’s tech solutions

Technology Concept

Tech: love it, loathe it, or merely baffled by it, you have to accept that it now dominates our lives and it’s changing everything – and this is just as true in the housing sector as it is anywhere else.

That’s why we here at HQN Towers have conjured up an event designed to inform and enlighten our members about the massive range of tech solutions that are available NOW.

What new systems and products could you be adopting to add value to the services you offer your customers?

Well, you’ll find out at our second Practical Magic conference!

To be hosted on 24 January at London’s King Place, the event follows our hugely successful initial Practical Magic in Manchester earlier this year.

And this next bit of news should be of particular interest to every techie in the sector: Amazon Web Services, one of our guests for the day, will be making a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT concerning an exclusive and very exciting offer to the sector. You. Will. Not. Want. To. Miss. It.

So, if you’re tired of the ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘future gazing’ at expensive tech that may or may not be of benefit to the housing world in 20 years’ time, and you need solutions that are going to help your colleagues and benefit your organisation today – look no further!

Covering everything from housing management, income collection and the customer experience, to digital engagement, repairs and asset management, the day will be about exploring the possibilities of what’s already available through live demonstrations, expert recommendations, lively debates and ‘huddles’ between like-minded people.

There’ll also be space for ‘smart home’ technology that’s already out there, which is yet to be adopted by the housing sector despite its potential to transform lives.

OK, you’ve no doubt heard this line many times before but tickets truly are selling extremely quickly so click this here link that I’ve made with technology to book your place now.

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