Government unveils latest plan to tackle rough sleeping

sleeping rough

The UK government has revealed its latest plan to combat rough sleeping, which it reckons it can bring to an end by 2027.

Communities secretary James Brokenshire today unveiled the Rough Sleeping Delivery Plan which sets out several measures and targets, including every Jobcentre Plus getting new work coaches which will aim to help the homeless ‘navigate the support available to them’.

Along with its plan, the government has come up with £11 million for the country’s many councils to put towards getting people of the streets and into secure accommodation.

According to MP Brokenshire: ‘No-one is predestined to spend their lives sleeping on the streets. Yet, despite this, too many people still sleep rough on any given night.

‘That is why we are taking action to provide support to help get people off the street this winter and set the foundations to put an end to rough sleeping altogether by 2027. This new action plan sets out the next steps to making this goal a reality.

‘And while we are already seeing progress, I am clear we must go further than ever to achieve our ambition of a country in which no-one needs to sleep rough.’

From 2010-2017, the amount of rough sleepers in England rose from 1,768 to 4,751 – suggesting that the aim of ending ‘rough sleeping altogether by 2027’ is a bold one. We shall see.

Anyway, here’s the government’s press release.

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