£1m for ‘pocket parks’


English community groups are being invited to bid for bits of a new £1 million government fund aimed at developing ‘pocket parks’.

Announced by parks and green spaces minister Rishi Sunak today, interested parties can bid for up to £15,000 to create small green areas, and up to £25,000 to put towards renovating existing parks.

MP Sunak said: ‘Green spaces offer people a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life to relax, keep healthy, learn about nature or spend time together with loved ones.

‘Not all communities enjoy access to an abundance of usable space, while some existing parks might need a bit of TLC to bring them back to life. The pocket parks plus fund will help local people to create and maintain small oases that they can take pride in and benefit from for years to come.’

So, what qualifies as a ‘pocket park’? The government says that as far as this programme is concerned, a pocket park is a ‘piece of land of up to 0.4 hectares, although many are around 0.02 hectares – the size of a tennis court’.

If you’re interested in applying, read the prospectus and download an application form here – apps must in by 25 January 2019.

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