HQN Asset Management Network annual benchmarking exercise: It’s time for a change and we want your input

Analyzing data.

By Mike Victory-Rowe, Asset Management Network Lead Associate

HQN has run a variety of asset management benchmarking exercises over the years looking at strategic asset management, responsive repairs, voids and planned maintenance, cost management, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

But we feel it is now time to stop with our traditional approach and ask our members what extra value we can bring to your organisation in the future, by reinventing our approach to benchmarking.

We recognise that other external benchmarking, such as the Regulator of Social Housing’s annual global accounts and the new Value for Money Standard, requires registered providers to report against a prescribed set of metrics in order to support transparency across the sector. Comparison and analysis reporting tools are now widely available across the sector to allow you to compare your performance and that of your peer groups.

We also recognise that our annual benchmarking questionnaire can take some time to complete and may duplicate other benchmarking activities in your organisation. The Asset Management Network would like to revamp the current benchmarking offer to our members and look at alternative exercises that are relevant, valuable to participants, timely, and straightforward to complete.

So, to get the ball rolling we would like to ask you what you want to know, compare or learn from other members in the Network that will be useful and add value to your thinking.

We are inviting members to feedback to myself; I’ll look at the feedback and what members want, looking at what does and doesn’t work (including the format and timing) and how HQN can deliver something fresh and useful for members.

Please email me at teamnet@hqnetwork.co.uk with your suggestions and ideas.

Looking forward to your feedback.

For more information on the Asset Management Network and the benefits of becoming a member, click here.

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