Grenfell Tower fraudster pleads guilty

Fraud Ink Stamp

A man who falsely claimed over £100,000 intended for the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Isleworth Crown Court heard that Sharife Elouahabi claimed £103,475 for accommodation and financial assistance between June 2017 and June 2018, following the fire that killed at least 72 people.

He had claimed to have been staying at a flat on the 21st floor of the tower, where a family is known to have died. However, an investigation revealed that Elhouhabi was living at another address in Kensington, and had no links to Grenfell Tower.

Yesterday, the 38-year-old pleaded guilty to one charge of fraud by false representation. He is due to be sentenced on 20 November.

Elhouhabi, of no fixed abode, was due to receive resettlement payments worth a further £14,730 to go towards a flat and free utilities, before the fraud was discovered.

DC Ben Rouse, who led the investigation, said: ‘This was a substantial fraud, made all the more deplorable by the fact that it was committed in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, with the money set aside to help those directly affected by the tragedy.

‘This is the latest in what is sadly a long line of Grenfell-related frauds. We will continue to investigate and where appropriate prosecute anyone who is financially profiting from the Grenfell fire, and taking away resources and support for the true victims.’

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