A week in housing


Thrill-seeker Philip Hammond’s budget is unavoidably the biggest news of the week.

Luckily, here at HQN News we’ve two pieces covering the economic shindig’s key manoeuvrings: this one, which is very in-depth, illuminating and well-considered; and this massively inferior one, that I wrote on the hoof more or less as the words were falling out of the chancellor’s mouth.

I’d read the first one, if I were you.


Southend Council is getting it in the neck for selling off some of its empty properties.

Labour Councillor Anne Jones has slammed the decision to flog the six homes, claiming that the council ‘says that when leases end they don’t want to spend thousands of pounds doing up the properties but the ones I’ve seen are not in bad repair and if they were how have they been allowed to deteriorate?’.

Have a read of the story if you want, though it’s really little more than a long complaint from Cllr Jones.

Incidentally, if you’d like a masterclass in getting void properties sorted out and let, you should definitely click here. Go on – click, click, click.


Haunted house news! Llancaiach Fawr manor in Caerphilly has become the latest abode to claim it’s the most spirited-infested outfit in the country/world.

Naturally, ghost tours are run there – and it’s not content with one ghost: apparently a magnet for the undead, several separate entities are said to stalk the premises. In fact, according to the owners, an international rugby player was reduced to tears during a visit ‘many years ago’ – though it’s not clear why he cried, exactly. Stubbed a toe? Boredom?

Is your house haunted? Do you think we should run a course focusing on phantom activity? Please let us know in the comments section.


Now here’s a friendly, useful list of courses and events we here at HQN Towers have coming up:

Our Asset Management Network annual conference is…let me check the website…really not very far away, so you asset management types better be quick. Click ‘ere.

The government’s gone and lifted the HRA cap, meaning, in theory, that councils can start building lots of nice new homes again. But can they remember how to? We’ve devised a practical guide to making it happen. Click here to read more and book.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘rechargeable repairs’. You’re not? Well, maybe you should be. At any rate, we’re running a seminar that’ll provide practical tips, along with case studies, to help you maximise income from this important and often overlooked revenue stream. And to prove I’m not making this up, click here to read more.

And that’ll do for this week. Have a good weekend!

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