Digital housing? Asset management survey now live

Mouthful of a question alert: Can traditional stock condition survey data in today’s world of asset management be enhanced by other data and intelligence, allowing your organisation to flourish with better and faster decisions? Got that? If you did, our answer is: yes, it can (and, yes, sentence doctors have been called).

Technology is advancing at such a breakneck pace that concepts that used to exist only in the realms of a madman’s dreams now surround us. And this wave of digital wonder can help you predict the best time to service, repair and replace – ensuring better value for money and customer service, and the creation and management of safer homes.

HQN and Liberty Group have teamed up to find out how housing providers can best utilise modern tech to both maintain and generate income, while delivering lots of other tiptop things.

As part of this investigation, we’d like to ask you a few questions, and have created a special survey to that end, the responses to which will go towards the development of a white paper.

We’d like to quiz you on the following themes:

Improving energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty with things like smart boiler technology and metering

Tapping into solar and wind power

Creating smart homes to improve asset management – using new tech to monitor conditions and performance, allowing you to make better decisions that reduce the cost of property management and improve the quality of life for your tenants

Please click here to take the survey.


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